Practicing kindness

We learn by example at a very young age, the environment we live in, our experiences as a young person, what we see and hear in the world around us.  If we are shown mostly love, kindness, understanding we will as an adult be that most likely to do the same. If we experience negativity, judgement, criticism or trauma, this can impact type of person we turn out to be in a negative way.  It’s a flip of a coin.


When we become a parent there is no rule book, and to be honest, myself included, most of us are living a busy life as parent, spouse, employee that we are not really aware of what are words or actions can affect those around us. A careless word here and there, a careless action occasionally, does affect the people around us whether a child, teen or adult.  We all are doing our best at that time. It is a process I think. As we age we start to see things from a different vantage point.

The world around us can be a negative place if we let ourselves be drawn into the fold of negativity.  I’ve seen firsthand how a negative environment can affect others without even realizing it.


Our environment we live in is full of energies whether positive or negative, hopefully more positive.  We all are energy beings. Some energies, however, we have no control over. We do have control over our own energy body and what we send out.  If we all send out energies that are positive through kind words and positive loving thoughts, imagine what changes to the world we can make. There needs to be a balance with the scale being tipped positively just that little bit more.  Positivity makes people happier. Notice everyday events how they flow with ease. Each step a little lighter. Lets check ourselves once in a while maybe at the end of the day. Ask yourself, Was I positive today? What can I do better tomorrow?  It is a process, learning to be less critical, less negative in our day to day activities. Can you remember a time when you had a bad day from morning to night, how you felt heavy, critical, grumpy. Did you do anything to bring yourself out of the mood?  


Meditate and sit quietly and ask yourself to let go of the negative feelings.  Open your heart, imagine the negative sensations flowing through your body and release from the soles of your feet. Let it dissipate into the earth.  Let your heart shine bright and bring your smile back. Stress is a big thing these days. We tend to do too much in today’s society. Let things go. It’s okay. Learn to relax, lay in the grass, walk barefoot.  Laughing is good for the soul.