The Drama in Society Today

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This topic was inspired by a movie I had chosen to watch a while ago. A romance, a feel good movie of love and missed opportunities with a happily ever after ending…or so I thought. These two friends after many years finally admit to love and become a couple. They begin planning a family and life together. Long story short she gets hit by a truck on the way home and dies. As an empath, I cried a lot. Then I got angry. Nowhere in the description did it say a tragedy would happen at the end. If there was, I would not have watched it. What is amiss in today’s society is wherever you turn it seems we are surrounded my dramas of heartache, tragedy, death and destruction.

In the news, shows, movies, and social media we see that everyone has different opinions. It is our uniqueness to choose to show them respect and refuse to be drawn into the drama that this environment creates. Where are the feel good stories that make you happy, human interest, happy endings that make your heart smile?

What we are exposed to day after day is what we will get accustomed to. A negativity or loss of faith in the goodness and happily ever after that is so much of who we really are at the very heart centre of our being.

As a society if we dwell on the drama or the negative sides of our environment continuously, we cannot help but be drawn into the negativity ourselves. We lose our faith in humanity perhaps just a little bit each day. Yes there are tragedies in life, yes there is sickness, yes there is sadness. It is not the majority, it is only a small percentage, when you look at the whole.

Let’s remember to keep the not so good aspect of human nature in perspective. Let’s choose love, understanding and respect. Avoid the drama.