Ascension is not just a journey of higher consciousness, it is a healing journey. Ascension is a cleansing of body, mind, and spirit. In order to achieve the higher frequencies, One must process any blockages and heal (sometimes wounds from past lives). It is necessary to process and heal these blockages.

Meditation is a very important tool to adopt for this. This helps to quiet the mind, settle the body, and access your higher self (divine love). When you connect to your higher self, be sure to give thanks and show gratitude to yourself.

When experiencing ascension, you may discover that negative learned behaviours will be undone and that ego will no longer exist there. All negative self limiting thoughts will slowly disappear. Acceptance of where you are at the moment will be understood. You may experience a better understanding of your experiences, challenges, and lessons learned.

This process doesn’t happen quickly. In fact, the time it takes will be different for everyone as not everyone will be at the same level energetically. Just as the experiences that have shaped us in life vary, so too how we have dealt with it or are open to dealing with it. Our willingness to be open to process, accept, forgive and let go will also play a role. Our human side is used to operating from ego so it can be challenging to let go. Have hope, faith, and trust that all will be well. Manifest the life and purpose you want to see and know it will be. (caution – ego has no place).

This is a guide for anyone who perhaps is going through the ascension process. You may not even realize you are. It took me a while to understand this myself. I’m happy to support others with their own ascension journey. You may find this helpful instead of going it alone.

The following are some of the symptoms you may experience. Please remember that experiences vary for everyone. You may experience other symptoms not listed. It is always a good idea to seek medical services if you are experiencing constant signs of something more or you are not sure.

Your body is being rebuilt cell by cell to accommodate the higher frequencies of divine love, self-care is essential.

Unexplained tooth pain or sensitivity- does last a while, get it checked out by the dentist if need be.

2. Dreams become more vivid, memories come to the surface, perhaps like reliving them,
sleep disturbances.

3. Short term memory changes: Forget things that maybe you didn’t before.

4. Unexplained aches and pains

5. More scattered and accident prone perhaps.

6. Re-injury from past physical trauma (energy can get trapped there). It is part of the rebuilding.

7. Feelings and emotions can be all over the place. Crying some days, happy or sad other days.

8. Your tastes in many things will change. From food, entertainment, activities etc.

9. More introverted, crave alone time.

10. More drawn to animals and nature.

11. Friendships may change

12. Energy Sensitive

13. You are starting to feel more empathically

Ascension is a rebirth of sorts, living within the universal spiritual laws of love, kindness, understanding, joy, and purpose, to name a few.

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