We’ve all experienced pain and we all have a way of dealing with it. For some, it’s diving right in and processing and talking about it and figuring out why. For others, it can be just spending time alone or keeping busy. Regardless of how one deals with pain, we all need to heal. Ironically, sometimes it’s the healing that hurts more than the wound. 

When it comes to healing, it doesn’t matter what you’re hurting from – pain is pain and needs to be dealt with. It’s important when dealing with pain that you give yourself space and time. Our gut reaction when we’ve been hurt is to shoot back up and carry on. However, pain demands attention and it’s okay to give yourself the “permission” to cry and time to be alone. See, avoiding pain only increases it. If people suggest you “get over it” then simply ignore them. Time and patience are the best medicine to heal a wound. If you’re up to being around people, then surround yourself with friends who support and understand you. It’s important to reach out to people and to find balance with an activity that allows you to escape even for a bit (alone or with others). Some find solace in always being busy, but there needs to be a time for quietness, company and activity. 

When going through something, it’s important to figure out what insight you can gain from the suffering.  Be sure to reflect, explore and ponder on the pain and the possible reasons why. This should be done with sensitivity towards yourself and without blame to develop compassion and resilience. 

After the healing comes the decision making: will you allow emotional pain to hold you back or will you decide to use it to push you in a new direction? Past experiences in your body need to be released. By not releasing experiences and pain, they can get in the way, stopping you from being happy. Energy healing therapy with me can help with this by gently loosening the blocked energy so it can gently release the past. We will work at your own pace and comfort level.