Change is constant whether we like it or not. The universe is in constant motion, the planets, the sun, moon and the earth. We, on this beautiful planet notice changes every day. The
weather particularly everyone seems to notice. Some things we have the power to change and some things not so much. We have the power to change more than you think.

Change starts with you. Every one of us. Real lasting changes begin with children. How we treat each child sets the stage for future generations.

We are all products of our upbringing. Every feeling, every emotion, every experience, everything we learn from before birth and through to our death, has an influence on us whether
we remember or not.

We are born connected to the divine energy source, our soul if you will. When we are nurtured and cared for with love, joy, understanding, kindness, communication, acceptance, kept open to
our intuition without judgement we create a wonderful world just by being joyful and kind to one another. Loving, caring and Joyful energy helps the planet and your families world.

As you read this I imagine a little laugh. Thinking it’s a fairy tale. I say, what’s wrong with believing in fairy tales. Children believe in fairy tales and magic. The act of play and imagination
is wonderful. Keeps energy levels high where joy and happiness is. Also connection to our soul energy. Let’s learn through children’s freedom with play, let us strive towards keeping their
hearts open to their true divine nature. We should all strive for more joy and happiness in our lives.

As a whole, we have had a tendency to live by ego. Thinking about ourselves and our own
survival, not considering the consequences of our actions. We take out our inner weaknesses, on our children and other adults. Its learned behaviours from the past, even generations past
carried over decades.

Our children grow, see, act, and behave based on how we interacted with them, around them, even our habits. Other adults, peers, friends also have big influences.

How do you want the world to be going forward and into the future. It starts with you. It starts by healing your inner wounds, we all have them. Our natural state is as I mentioned above, love,
joy, happiness, acceptance, non-judgement, respect, honesty, kindness, awareness, among others.

Love, caring for one another keeps us connected to divine source. We are all one.