How do we say hello to change, to adventure? We can always rely on change to uproot us. Sometimes we want the change to happen so that an undesirable situation can shift into something more desirable. However, there are times when we want a situation to remain the same. Ironically, it can be a bad situation, but we are comfortable with the pain and we fear the unknown. Sometimes it’s a good situation and we want to continue basking in the happiness it brings us.

There is no denying that we thrive through routine and predictability; it gives us a sense of control. When there are big changes, we are suddenly thrown into a state of uncertainty and fear. The unhealthy aspect of change occurs with inappropriate and unhelpful responses, such as fighting change, presenting a negative attitude or ignoring its significance and importance.

Regardless of where we are in a situation, all change should be welcomed. Of course, there are times where we resist change and if we can, we postpone it or say no to it. That demonstrates the power that lies in our hands – whether it’s an attempt to control what is thrown our way, which isn’t always possible, or it’s just in the ability to control how we react to a certain situation. Sometimes the only control we have in a situation is how we react to it. Change is inevitable. Nothing in this world remains constant, therefore, we adapt and go with the flow.

What are positive ways to react to change?

  • Assess the situation before reacting (e.g., is action required? Is the action within your means?)
  • Be proactive and positive
  • Acknowledge that change is part of life
  • Accept your emotions

There are times when we want change to occur. Regardless of where you are in life – whether it’s a change in your career or family situation – never let yourself believe that change is impossible or that you have no control. If you’re looking to make a career move, then stop being afraid of what might go wrong and get excited about what could go right. By assessing a situation and coming up with a plan of action, change can be controlled to an extent.

Of course, unpleasant situations in life can’t always be avoided, but we need to believe that we are not victims and the control of a situation is within our means even if it’s only in how we react to the situation and are unable to change the outcome. So, how about saying hello to change and let the adventure begin?

Is change hard for you or perhaps you are resisting change? Energy sessions can help with the process of releasing so change can happen naturally. Consider making an appointment with me to help you release some of your blockages. We will work at your own pace and comfort level.