Did you know control is not the Spiritual way?


Control is a form of ego and fear.  Life experiences can cause us to go into an ego, fear based way of living.  Losing sight of who we are and what our natural state is.  Even our upbringing, the people around us can teach us this just by watching them.  We begin to believe this is the way it is.  It is not.  


We can control how we react to others and situations.  How we choose to live is within our control☺. We cannot control people, animals, or the world around us. We are each responsible for ourselves.  Together, we can work with kindness, communication, cooperation, respectfulness, in harmony and peace.


Controlling everything is a sign of not being connected to your spiritual energetic self. Maybe you feel you are connected spiritually but are you listening and practicing?  So many of us say we are spiritual (belief in a God of your understanding) which is great, but are you really?  Did you know that you are connected spiritually/energetically to God and that what you say, what you do and how you act affects your environment?  The more you try to control the more not in control you are. What you put out energetically returns to you.  You are a piece of God.  We are all a piece of God and we are energetically separate yet not.  

What does it mean to be Spiritual?

To be spiritual means to have faith and trust that you are safe.  Give thanks and be grateful for what you have.  Let go of negative past experiences that bring fear and ego to the forefront.  It is not always easy.  You are stronger than you know.  There is a reason for everything and a greater plan at work.  All you need to do is ask for help from your guides, angels, God himself.   Ask for healing, it’s that simple. Ask for a better life, it’s that simple.  Be specific. Give away control and embrace freedom. Be practical instead of controlling. Taking care of your needs without attachment to outcomes is being practical. 

A word of caution, if you ask but don’t put in effort to change your life for the good, it will not work.  Patience, it takes time, practice kindness, positivity and love for others every day. The benefits will be worth it.

Have faith.