I saw a post a couple of weeks back that got me thinking.  The post did not sit well with me. I can’t remember it word for word, but it said something about meditation to control your emotions.  What does the word “control” mean to you?

In some ways this word should be struck from our vocabulary.  It’s quite the opposite, we need to let go of the word control. Really who do you know has control of their life and if they do they must be as tight as a drum trying to keep it all together.  We are at the mercy of others, the universe, fate, and our chosen path. The more we strive for control the more we do not receive.

We are Spiritual human beings with the gift of feelings, emotions, and body.  We are expressive. We all have something to say. We all have opinions. We all have had different life experiences that have made us who we are.  Some of us have a way with words, some not so much. Some of us haven’t had a higher education. Some of us have had a positive loving environment to grow up in and some have not. We are all so different in many ways.  

At the core of our being, our heart centre, soul if you will, we are all the same.  We all want to be loved and feel like we belong. We all want to be heard. We can get lost because of the different life experiences we have lived through. Alcohol and drugs for example are certainly a factor on our emotions and feelings. EMF signals also contribute to anxiety, sleeplessness headaches, pressure of living up to the standards we see in social media etc. If we are not able to express our emotions because we haven’t been taught or learned at a young age how to express how we feel in a constructive way, it can build within us.

Imagine a bottle of pop with a cork. The more it gets shaken, the more pressure that builds. The pressure has no place to go and when it gets uncorked, it explodes everywhere.  

This can happen to a person until one day the pressure is so much it explodes out of the person, sometimes with devastating results.  Outbursts of unkind words, anger, and violence can result by keeping your emotions contained within. This often happens when alcohol/drugs get into the mix; a person’s emotions can explode under the influence.  Imagine years and years go by of a person not being able to express themselves by no fault of their own but as a product of their environment.  

We need structure, rules, and laws to keep order, but we are at the mercy of all other humans and their individual behaviours.

All life on earth has a rhythm and a flow.  Trees move with the wind, the ocean moves with the rotation of earth, the wind moves the grass, plants and everything else, the sun makes everything grow, the rain cleanses but also feeds the earth.  Anything in nature that will not bend and flow including animals and people will break with repeated assaults. All of earth has a life energetic flow including us. The only way we can flourish is by letting go of control and join in with the movement of who we are at our heart centre.  

We all have free will, a choice of how we live our lives, how we treat others and how we communicate.  We can set the intention to do our best and yes we will make mistakes. We learn from our mistakes and move forward.

If we choose to meditate daily, the opposite effect happens.  We start to let go, and it happens naturally, we no longer feel the need to control the world around us. Emotions become more peaceful, the mind quiets and we are able to speak more freely in a kind respectful way. You sleep better, unattached to outcome results.  During your meditation you can pray, say mantras, ask for healing for yourself on your present and your past. Sometimes we need an extra hand, seek out a natural healer if so called.