Emotions and Weather

Think of our emotions like the weather. You will notice that there is always a flow to the weather such as highs and lows, sunny and cloudy, hot and cold or stormy and rainy.  There is a flow to our emotions as well. Imagine what it is like to walk outside on a sunny warm bright day, you look up to the sky happy to embrace the day.  A beautiful blue sky it is. This type of day can be turned inwards to how you feel inside. Happy, sunny and joyful, you walk with a lightness in your step. The air within and outside is clear, happy and sunny.  Wouldn’t it be nice if we were like this all the time?  


Like the weather pressure builds and needs to be released.  A light rain is good as it’s a release in the pressure. Crying is a release. It is the human way to release emotions when we feel sad.  Embrace your need to cry. It doesn’t matter how insignificant it feels. Simply stated sadness is sadness and a release of tears is essential.


Like the weather pressure can build very fast and in a short time, the rain comes down hard.  The weather system of earth has a way of evening out the pressures that build. Like our human body we have a pressure system that’s needs a release once in a while.  We cry it out, take some alone time, but do not suppress it. We need to release our emotions to begin self healing and cleansing of the body and soul.


Like the weather pressure can build up so much, very intense systems wreak havoc on this earth.  Hurricanes, Tornadoes, fierce lightning, earthquakes. Like the weather we as humans can wreak havoc with devastating results.


Unlike the weather we have a choice how we decide to live our lives, treat our children, treat other people, treat the world. It starts at the beginning of life itself, by being open to our emotions, cry when we need to, wail when we need to, communicate when we need to. Be open to listen to others points of view without judgement.


In some families we are taught that crying isn’t acceptable, that our emotions are not important and/or that our feelings don’t matter.  Just imagine that how a devastating storm can build within you over time. Again imagine what can happen when the pressure has reached its maximum.


Just imagine.


Energy Healing is necessary, it works from the inside to help in the release of pressure. If for various reasons you are not in the place of sunny, joyful, happy days, call or email me if you would like my help in releasing this pressure.