The Universe and this planet is energy and produces positive and negative energies.  If you look around you can start to notice energy emitting from everyday objects. The easiest to notice are the glowing lights at night. You can see the energy beam around the light and that is energy.  Heat from machinery produces energy, from the stove to the car.  Solid objects are also considered energy.  Food has energy, especially the food just picked from the gardens.  Overly processed food loses this energy so vital to good nutrition. The sun is energy, the moon also as an energy. This concept is not new, just look up the definitions of energy, or live foods.  The fresher the food the higher the nutritional value. 

If everything has been proven by science that energy exists,  it makes sense that humans and animals also have energy. A life source of energy.  When we are born we are a pure energy source created from love.  Depending on our life experiences and the choices we make,  this pure energy can be diminished or disappear. We unknowingly replace it with ego, judgements, negative thoughts, experiences and feelings. Pure energy source is love, a love for yourself and others.  

We emit energy all the time. Most people can’t see it but they can certainly feel it if they are in tune with themselves.  Intuition/instinct can sense someone’s energy field.  A lot of us have experienced meeting someone for the first time and felt an instant dislike towards them for no rhyme or reason or you may have felt instantly drawn to them.   When you are strongly drawn to someone, you are sensing their energy and it is aligning with yours. The connection you make with people is energetic and can be paralleling. If you are comfortable, relaxed and approachable, chances are you will attract the same kind of person. The same could be said for opposite emotions which is where the term “misery loves company” probably derived from. You can attract people who are also sitting in that negative energy. The more positive and happy you are, the higher your energy frequency will be. The more sad, angry or negative you are, the lower your energy frequency will be.    

Any energy we emit from ourselves directly affects how people see us but it doesn’t stop there. The energy we emit also gets sent out to the universe and it affects us all as a whole. 

What can you do to help?

Stop feeding on negativity.

Stop negative energy from spreading. It is detrimental to us as a whole.

Self heal your own wounds.

Set Boundaries

Spread kindness, understanding, and love.

How do you switch from negative energy to positive energy?

Self heal your wounds (i.e. meditation, forgiveness, guidance)

Disengage from victimhood (i.e. ego, blame, judgement, guilt)

Disengage from heavy negative topics (i.e., news, social media, movies)

Disengage from alcohol and drug use (i.e. can cause erratic behaviour, depression, mood changes, chemistry imbalance)

Do engage in uplifting activities



Physical exercise 

Music, dance, singing 


Inspirational readings

Spiritual guidance

Funny shows, movies that uplift you.

Fresh healthy foods.

If everyone on earth focused more on their own healing, their own accountability, treating yourself, every person, every animal, everything on earth with kindness and respect, the earth will become healthier, happier, and peaceful.

What will you choose?

I choose Peace.