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Energy Therapy 

Integrated Energy Therapy  Or  Therapeutic Touch

In-person healing sessions are best. I will be happy to do a distance healing session if in person isn’t possible. The duration of session is the same. We will chat either by phone or email so we can go over the process. It will be best if you are in a relaxed position at home as you would be in person, with a rest period after the session is complete.

Energy Therapy 

Integrated Energy and Therapeutic Touch together

Intuitive Guidance and Single Session

Intuitive Guidance and Energy Therapy Session


5  Integrated Energy Therapy or Therapeutic Touch Sessions

In person, distance or both, feel free to mix it up

5  Combined  Energy Therapy and Therapeutic Touch

Purchase Sessions – use them any way you like, come in for a quick tune-up or a regular session, mix it up.

10 Hrs

15 hrs

20 hrs

More hours purchased the better the discount. No expiry date.

Please contact  for further information regarding session rates etc.

Individual circumstances are always considered.  We offer reduced rates for students, seniors etc.