Free Choice

We live in a country that is supposedly free.  Free to choose how we live, take care of our health, what we put into our bodies, how we educate ourselves, what jobs we take, how we raise our children, and what form our spirituality will take.

We are free to choose our medical needs supplied by our healthcare system, in theory maybe.  I have experienced many shortfalls within the healthcare system through my own experiences and other family members.  They are seriously understaffed and under budget.  The medical community is a necessary and important service that is vital to everyone’s health.  I also believe medication and prescription drugs are overused. Instead of giving a person a prescription to help them feel better, why not teach people how to heal themselves naturally first?  A prescription should be the last option. Our bodies are made to move and our body can heal itself. While the body can repair itself,  years of neglect and abuse can render it irreparable.  Let’s use a car as an example, we buy a new car and to take care of it, we take it in for maintenance so it lasts longer. We clean it so it shines bright, inside and out.  You respect your car and the value it has.  Why would you not take care of your body the same way.  All you have to do is eat well, move your body everyday, learn something new every day, meditate (mental health). Respect your body, soul and mind.

Resources can be better allocated to what is important.  Educating people on good health and good food choices.  Starting with the very young to the older adults. Teach people habits like healthy food choices, drinking etc. in excess are detrimental to your health. 

Mental health is the most important and it cannot always be treated by masking the symptoms with prescription drugs.  People get addicted to prescription drugs and that is where it starts in most cases.  Has anyone connected the dots?  Teach people to go within through meditation to heal their soul.  This is where people will find their strength to make better choices.  You will not find answers from looking outside yourself.  

We put millions (or more) into cancer care, cancer prevention, awareness, heart disease, liver disease and more. The list seems endless.  There are always exceptions of course.

From my own experience I see no mandatory education on why people can get sick.  People are free to over indulge in unhealthy food, drink alcohol, take drugs and smoke. 

The government and businesses make billions off people’s unhealthy lifestyle choices.  For some reason people think it’s okay to drink everyday. Why is that? Maybe because from a very young age we learn that is what we do.  It is a billion dollar industry. Do you know that alcohol can make you sick, especially in excess?  Alcoholism and drug addictions, not to mention cancers and other illnesses are running rampant on earth.  Has anyone considered why?  Have you ever read  the list of ingredients on some grocery store items? Some companies make low budget unhealthy foods and it seems to be okay.  Did you know that wood pulp is added to inexpensive ice cream as a filler?  People have a choice but because they are unaware or because of cost factors they purchase these items.  It’s perfectly fine to legalize smoking,  alcohol and marijuana, even though it has been proven that it can make people sick when used in excess.  What constitutes excess?  Society lives blindly taking all these items in, completely unaware of what they can do to you.  They must be healthy, they think or they wouldn’t be available.  It is their free choice to slowly make themselves sick over time.  This costs the current medical system. You think that would be enough incentive to educate people and make changes.  Why are no changes being made?

Is someone making a profit off of society’s poor health?  Healthy people have less doctor visits and less prescriptions to fill.  I wonder?

Oh it’s okay I don’t feel well.  Time to go to the doctor.  The Doctor knows best. Oh I have high blood pressure, oh my cholesterol is high, oh I’m overweight.  Maybe I need a prescription to make it better.  After the doctors they go home and take their medication.  Sit down in front of the Tv, have a snack, a beer, (they skip the salad) perhaps the very things that are giving them health concerns.  They are completely unaware by no fault of their own.  It’s a free choice after all.

I have experienced and watched people around me abuse alcohol, drugs, and smoke.  The underlying theme to all of these experiences were the result of mental health instability.  Something deep inside the person is unhappy, and they start to look externally for solace, to make them feel better.

When in fact they need to go within and ask themselves “why am I not happy?”. Why am I here? Am I holding on to my past? What is holding me back?  You can’t depend on a magic pill to make everything okay.  Medications have a purpose absolutely.  In some circumstances it masks the underlying causes, that no amount of medications can cure.

We are in a mental health crisis and it is seriously underfunded and misunderstood.  So many people fall through the cracks. They cannot afford paid programs and the OHIP covered programs are inadequate.

Sure we have free choice, but do we really?

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