Friendship, social connection, whatever you want to call it, we all need it. Regardless of whether you like people or enjoy your own company, the bottom line is that we all need to have a connection with people and, if possible, belong to a group. Whether you’re married or single, friendships are important and provide the foundation for intimacy, trust and loyalty. In the workplace, friendships provide a sounding board and enable us to be more engaged.

I think of friendships among women who have a special knack of picking up where they left off despite not seeing each other for days, months or even years. There is a special bond among women, and I admire the way they can support each other and raise each other up. Regardless of your gender, seeking a connection with a person or a group is important because of how humans are wired. Friendships are vital for wellbeing, but they take time to develop, therefore, it’s no surprise that they run the risk of being neglected. An interesting observation is that we take on the characteristics of our friends. For example, if a good friend eats healthily and exercises, you are more likely to have a healthy diet and exercise yourself.

Furthermore, the importance of friendships on mental health can’t be dismissed. Having solid friendships in our lives helps promote brain health as friends help us deal with stress, decision making and lifestyle choices plus it’s good to have a supportive friend during health issues and disease. It’s nice to know that during life’s ups and downs you have someone to count on, providing loyalty, a sounding board and helping you grow.

Online friendships are the norm these days and the importance of these friendships can’t be ignored. These types of friendships are the equivalent of pen pals of years past. Typically, online friendships develop because of a common interest, such as cooking, reading, gaming, etc. While online friendships can offer the benefits of a face-to-face friendship, people should be aware that sometimes these friendships are built more on the projection of how we would like to be seen by others – and not necessarily how we are in real life. However, with online friendships we may be more willing to expose our vulnerabilities and bring honesty and genuineness to the friendship possibly because we feel less exposed when we hide behind the keyboard.

Regardless of the type of friendship, it’s important that you make a connection with someone. Finding someone in a group with a common interest could be the first step in making a friend. Friendships are important as they make us feel loved, cared for and valued. These elements are just as important to our wellbeing as food or water.

Sometimes making a connection with others makes us uncomfortable. As yourself, is something holding you back from connecting with others?  Are you feeling it’s easier to rely on yourself and don’t want to put yourself out there? These can be signs that you could have past experiences in your body that need to be released.  They can get in the way, stopping you from being able to form bonds with other people.  Energy healing therapy with me can help with this by gently loosening the blocked energy so it can gently release the past. We will work at your own pace and comfort level.