Have you ever imagined?

Change, imagine, peace

We are Divine souls of pure love first, human second.  This divine soul is energy.  Everything on earth is or has some form of energy it emits from its physical form be it a tree, an animal, a bird, a fish, a human.  

Everything and everyone are each uniquely different.  This is how our creator Divine source/God if you will, created this earth. We are here to learn and experience life. Our challenge is to keep our hearts open.

The answers are within

We constantly look outside of ourselves for things to make us feel better, look better or to find answers to our questions and troubles. Where do we fit in? 

We are not taught in this world today how to find love and happiness within. Our connection to God and self will be found within. Many miracles can happen when you ask the angels and the universal divine energy for help.  Each of us has the power to create our world.  Therefore, if you are not happy with your life, feel sad, anxious or constantly wish you could be better and do better. Then do not look for the answers outside of yourself. You will not find them there. Instead, go within and reconnect with who you truly are and you will find all of the answers to which you seek.

Have you ever imagined?

Have you ever imagined a world with peace?  A world where all people got along and respected everyone for their differences.  Even respecting and honouring every living thing, from the tiniest of tiny to the very large animals, nature, the world and universe.  

When I look out my window I see a magical world. Everything in this world has a purpose.  This world and others I presume work synergistically together.  The birds help to clean up the roads and fields.  Different birds for different purposes.  Insects also play a role from the smallest to the largest insect keeping the balance.   If not for the bees we would not have honey.  Balance is key and sometimes that balance is thrown off.  Nature and animals work together for the greater good.  Sure I see a squabble once in a while between the little critters in my backyard but the squabble ends before it really begins. Now let us move on to the trees and nature itself.  Everything in nature is different.  Trees, bushes and shrubs filter and give us essential clean air to breathe.  Everything on earth creates new life in some form or other. 

We as the people are part of the whole.  We need to live in harmony with each other and nature. Our natural state as people, has been lost in so many ways.  Do we even know what our natural state is anymore?  We have in many ways lost the meaning of what it means to be a person on earth.  


Change is happening.  It is up to each person on this beautiful earth to decide how he/she wants the future to be. Do we like the world as it is right now or would we like to see a different world?  A world of peace, acceptance and respect for all living things. To make these changes it has to start with us. We need to go inward and heal our wounds of the past. Forgive those who have wronged us, hurt us, so that we don’t pass these characteristics down to our children. 

Cycles, any cycle,  of greed, violence, anger, judgement starts in the family unit or the environment in which we grow up in.  It is often too late when you realize that you have grown up in a toxic environment and that many people do not live this way. Too late because the damage has been done but not too late to heal yourself and make positive changes in your life so that you can start to break the cycles. Many do not realize how these cycles affect them in their adult life and they struggle without knowing the underlying core issues that make them behave or react the way they do. I know for many, we do our best with what life has dealt us.  But we can do so much better.  

When we grow up in a toxic environment, we often develop a survival mode to help us get through difficult and unpredictable times. When we do this, we tend to bury or forget who we truly are at the very core of our being. You search for someone who can help you find yourself again. Someone who understands what it will take to uncover your true self.

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