Healing from Trauma is Your Responsibility: Steps to Spiritual Healing

A trauma is an event that caused personal and/or emotional distress.  

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We all experience some form of trauma in our lives.  From the very young to the very old. These events can hold us back and reprogram our way of thinking, changing our behaviours within ourselves (feel within) and externally on how we see the world. 

All trauma is different. Some are mild in comparison to others.  Every person is unique, so the length of time to heal both physically, emotionally and spiritually will vary.  

It is critical to be able to communicate our experiences and emotions right away.  To be heard gives us a sense that we are important and that we matter. Trauma can strip away your self worth, self respect, self love.

Trauma left unprocessed will bring out behaviours such as, but not limited to, fear, anxiety, shyness, lack of empathy, negativity, blaming others, numbness, argumentative, low self-esteem, nervousness, phobias, violence in extreme cases, addictions and many other forms.

We are Spiritual Soul beings having a human experience.  We are here to learn, grow, and help others. This may be hard to understand at first but some challenges we have faced were planned before we were born.  This is how we evolve and grow as human beings. Reasons will be different for everyone. Some are to experience pain, heal, grow, and help others. Some challenges just happen, but always a reason.  Understanding why these challenges happen starts with understanding ourselves as soul beings having a human experience. Our purpose on earth.

That is a great start for the healing process to begin.

Journey for healing spirit, mind and body

    1.  Acknowledging you are a spiritual being having a human experience.
    2. Honestly want to move forward, heal your past, to be the beautiful soul being you are.    
    3. Begin journaling, write your feelings  experiences and emotions down. This helps to begin the process of releasing blocked energy within the energy body. 
    4. Write your dreams down, they are the window to your soul, they have messages for you.
    5. Practice Gratefulness for what you have, what you have learned in this lifetime.
    6. Meditation, meditation and more meditation. Helps to quiet the mind, focus, connect to your heart, your soul spirit.
    7. Begin communication with your spiritual guides, prayers, affirmations, ask for help and healing.  You don’t have to hear them but trust they are there for you. They want to help. Ask for protection for your highest good with love and light every day. Pray to the god you believe in with pure of heart and give thanks.
    8. Verbally express your traumatic experiences with those you trust.  A spiritual guide, therapist, friends, family etc. . Verbally expressing is the best way to release. If you are not ready you can start with the journaling as mentioned above. This process helps you to release pent up emotions, do your best not to suppress releasing emotions, let the tears flow as they are cleansing and healing. 
    9. Forgiveness for yourself and those who have caused you harm is the key to true healing.  
    10. Habits and learned behaviours need to be acknowledged and brought to the forefront. Awareness of our negative patterns will help to shift us up by consciously changing these when they occur.  ie. negative self talk like “I can’t “ replace with “I can”.
    11. Self care, be kind to yourself, honour thyself.
    12.  Non-judgement, kindness, love to all living things.


Everyone has the ability to self heal, these guidelines will help you to move forward.  Sometimes we need some extra guidance and support.

I’m here for you, feel free to email or book online. I am happy to answer any questions you may have. We can work together to help you to heal and move forward.