High Vibration vs Low Vibration

High Vibration, Low Vibration

The difference between living a high or low vibrational life.

Do you live in a low vibrational world?  Not sure what a low vibrational world looks or feels like?

Then read on..

So many of us were raised within the religion of our parent’s choosing. We adopted the ideas of that religion without really questioning it. As a child/youth growing up, we didn’t know to question it. We just took the teachings at face value. Rarely were we presented with the ideas of spirituality and how it impacts the world within us and around us. We weren’t taught to use our spiritual abilities to guide us, turn towards and share with others.

The religion I was raised in used fear, judgement and commandments to shape us, control our behaviours, judge others and effectively divide us from anyone who didn’t believe, behave accordingly or demonstrated ‘true’ Christianity. Don’t get me wrong, there are many lessons and teachings that promote love, empathy, commitment and the difference between right and wrong. But there were very few that taught us about world consciousness, a collective that drew on energies and offered good energy out to the world.

From my own experiences raised in a Catholic atmosphere I endured prejudice, judgement and cruelty.  My own grandmother,  a devout catholic in her own mind, was judgemental, non-flexible, non compassionate or kind. This is low vibrational living. Yes, she went to church every Sunday.  She was so fixated on the laws of Catholicism that she lost sight of what it really means to be a loving, compassionate and kind person.

From my experience with Christian religions, they have taught us to worship outside ourselves to a God/Jesus.  When we really should be taught to look within ourselves first. We are all part of a whole.

We are all connected spiritually, energetically and universally.  The belief system you were raised in doesn’t matter in the big picture.  Religions were created by man in some form to worship another person.  This is not an accurate picture.

Religions separate us.  It is time to look within ourselves, to who you really are, which is a spiritual energetic source of love and light around the world and around the universe. What we do or how we act directly affects everyone and everything.  Each negative fear based comment affects the whole, every judgemental remark affects the whole. Every animal or person alike who is killed by the hand of another directly affects the whole.  Each child mistreated or abused directly affects the whole.  Each perpetrator and victim affects the whole.

So many of us complain, rally against the injustices of this world with little change.  Do you want change?  Change starts with you.  If every person globally takes responsibility for themselves and their own actions we would be one step closer to peace.  If everyone would stop worrying about everyone else’s behaviour, and focus on themselves this world and universe would be able to heal itself, working towards peace in the world.  Remember we energetically affect our environment by our actions.  

You want Peace in the world then it has to start with you. 

Ever notice how when you wake up with joy and excitement about the day ahead, your day flows with such ease. Positive vibrational energy will attract positive energy. When we think positive thoughts we are creating bio cellular chemistry in our bodies to match. These thoughts result in a higher vibration. Higher vibration frequency states equal healthier happier humans living to their highest potential. Could you imagine if we were all living our lives from this higher energy frequency?   

I encourage the principle of relying on oneself for inner resources. Those inner resources being our physical, mental and emotional vibrational energy states. We must take responsibility for our personal vibrations. By raising your vibration, you will rise to your fullest potential. When we live from our highest expression of ourselves, we feel good. When we feel good, we do good. The call couldn’t be louder to do more good in this world.

When the landscape of our infinite possibilities is a realization deep within the heart, your frequency rises. This is the call to high vibrational living where our bodies are repairing and aligning back to a place of balance. This happens when we are in communion with the earth.

Humanity is at a crossroads and we must actively work to raise our consciousness and vibration for ourselves and those around us. When we are in active awareness of ourselves and cherish our environment, we can optimize our natural propensity for wellness of body, mind, soul and spirit. This is how true change begins.

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