* Signs & Symbols:

Loved ones want to connect with you, signs and symbols to watch for.  What you need to know to help with the communication between yourself and your loved ones in spirit.


* Chakra Health and Healing:

Chakras, covers the 7 major energy centres. Relationship with colour, food, crystals and scents.  Meditation to balance and open the Chakras.


* Ultimate Clearing:

Energy is all around us, how does it affect you.  Vibrations of love vs vibrations of negativity. Clear up your energy clutter around you and within you.  Methods tips and tricks to help clear these energies.


* Inside Heaven:

The three w’s – why is there heaven or why do we go to heaven? Where is heaven? What happens to us?


* The Truth: 4 Keys to Life:

Discover who you really are, Tips to let in or find Love, Peace, Forgiveness, and Balance. Meditations to ground, open chakra and close, calling in prayer, your special room.


* The Truth: Unlocking Your Life:

Tips for unlocking your life, Letting love, peace and forgiveness into your relationships, health, finances, and life path.  


* Working with Angels:

We all have guardian angels, a little about angels, different types of angels, their purpose, how they can help.


* Past Lives, Present Lessons:

Why you’re here, Who you were, what you carry forward, why you carry forward, past life regression, life lessons, and more.


We live in a society of monetary exchange for services rendered, however in the spirit of giving, love, gratitude, options are always open for those who wish to benefit from the services I offer.  No person will be refused based on their ability to pay. Sliding scale or exchange of service options are always available for you, feel free to ask.

Contact me if interested in the listed courses for the next available dates.