Is Your Child Energy Sensitive?

Kids jumping outside

Children are naturally open and sensitive. Some more than others depending on their spiritual evolvement before birth. Dare I say it depends on how many lifetimes their soul has had.

Evolved souls are naturally at a higher frequency thus more sensitive to other energies around them, especially negative, dense energies. Some children are more sensitive than others, they naturally pick up others emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours.

“We need, as a society, to become more knowledgeable and practice acceptance around sensitive children.”

A child who is unfocused at school could be energy sensitive. A child who feels isolated, but not, can be energy sensitive. Although she/he may not know or be aware of this, their own personality can be affected by another. As a child grows older their emotional development also grows. They begin to know things, say things that they wouldn’t have known. He/she may know who is on the phone before you pick it up or intuitively know when another person is sad for example. If your child is energetic, likes to be alone, talks to themselves, they may be energy sensitive. If they have a connection to animals or nature, they may be energy sensitive. If they are sensitive, cry and get hurt easily, they may be energy sensitive. A big sign can be if they seem anxious some of the time.

When we are born we have that divine connection to source. We are all part of a whole, divine source energetically. This divine connection is love, kindness, acceptance, non-judgement, just to name a few. Signs of disconnection is hate, judgement, and dishonesty.

As we age, the tendency is to begin shutting down, ego and wanting to fit in takes over. Not able to express themselves or be heard as they are for their uniqueness. We are all unique. Each of us are born with special gifts and talents. We are not a carbon copy of each other yet we are taught to be like everyone else, to fit in. Conforming and hiding our feelings and thoughts.

We are teaching our children that we are not unique. That we need to be like everyone else. Are we sending a message that maybe they are not good enough or something is wrong with them as they are? They are not accepted for who they are. Not respected as a unique person.

In closing Children learn by their environment. They watch and learn by our behaviours. Not just our parents, relatives, but everything and everyone.

To be continued……Change