On a recent trip to beautiful Costa Rica I had the pleasure to walk the longest Labyrinth in the world created from Cactus. This was my experience.

As I begin my journey through the labyrinth, I get a sense of familiarity or a connection as our journey through life.  Like life, a labyrinth has a beginning, a little unsure where you will end up. It can be a little scary, feeling the unknown of what is ahead of you.  We don’t know our way, we have faith that the path will be clear ahead and have a successful journey. Unlike the labyrinth the path before us in life is not always clear.  Challenges ahead are a given in life. What we do with those challenges, overcome them, and move forward is an individual choice. 

I see ahead and around me the cactus.  So many of them. Some tiny and all alone.  Some very tall yet have visible scarring long healed.  Others I noticed were rotting from the inside out. This was a sad sight from my perspective.  I felt especially good when I noticed other cactus of various heights sprouting baby cactus at their roots and growing strong.  Some had more than one. I envisioned these cactus having a strong foundation or root system. Able to withstand the storms that pass and still grow baby cactus.  Not all of the cactus were perfect, I saw scars, signs of injury, maybe some we could not see. They were able to stay healthy and strong because of the strong root system beneath them.  

As I walked I looked at the different shapes, sizes, scares, signs of recent injury. 

All the beautiful living cactus, all are just Cactus. They all looked the same yet they are different.  

People are like those Cactus.  We are all the same yet different.  We are different like cactus from our DNA, life challenges, circumstances.  Some people look different on the outside. Other people may have scars we cannot see. We are all the same on the inside.  Doesn’t matter what our beliefs are, we are all unique individuals shaped by our environment. We all want to feel loved, have love, feel we matter, honesty, happiness, respect, be heard, have purpose.  Be kind to one another, we are all the same on the inside where it matters most.