Little Sapling

As a little tree seedling begins to grow, roots begin to develop. Roots must be firmly planted secure within its environment, steady, stable and strong. For optimum growth the soil should be rich with a proper balance of all necessary good quality nutrients, food if you will.  A safe, happy, loving secure home, a perfect environment to learn, grow and explore in.  

Just the right amount of water is very important. Too much water may drown it and with too little it will become withdrawn, brittle and stunted. Inconsistent watering can cause confusion.  The perfect amount of water to feel loved, nurtured, protected, respected, heard, and happy. 

Let’s not forget the glorious sun. The sun provides much needed energy for growth.  Think of the sun as a happy nurturing parent feeding you love, happiness, excitement, laughter, encouragement, confidence. Giving you a passion for life, and new experiences every day.  

Night time is a time for rest and growing. Not enough rest can cause unfocused behaviours.  It is also a time for the imagination to take flight. Scary dreams can happen about other saplings and trees being mean or violent can cause insomnia for little saplings. This is a time when trees need to give hugs, talks and sleepovers. 

In the early stages of this seedling’s life, it is also very vulnerable to stormy days and gusty winds.

It needs protection from the sometimes harsh environment around it.  Nature and the environment can be unpredictable and the little sapling should be hugged in warmth, comforted and supported away from any stormy days around it, until it is old enough to stand strong through the storms that may pass.  

Every sapling is different and unique and needs to be nurtured to accommodate their uniqueness.  Some are more sensitive, so will need more nurturing and support and free to explore in a safe environment.  Other saplings are strong and wilful and may need to learn compassionate care for itself, and other saplings. Each sapling needs to be loved, nurtured, heard, protected, respected for its differences, and understood.  If a sapling is left alone it does not learn how to cooperate with others and then begins to feel isolated, lonely and unloved. On the other hand too much coddling can cause dependency on others for support instead of learning to stand on its own. 

It takes a forest to raise a sapling to be strong yet flexible like the wind.  The trees around the sapling shows and teaches the sapling about cooperation, respect, a sense of community and love towards all other types of trees and critters in the forest. 

Each and every tree in the forest is responsible for the new trees as they grow.  It is a huge responsibility but also a rewarding one. There are no guarantees how the little saplings will fair.  The rest is up to nature and God’s plan. 

Our saplings are the future, let’s all contribute to the future forest.  

It starts with them, that is how life in the forest will change from the beginning of life itself.

We as the forest must decide what kind of future we want to see for future generations.