The Full Story

My childhood was a typical middle-class upbringing with dysfunction at times. When I reflect upon my childhood, I realize how empathic and intuitive I actually was. As a child, I felt a little different from others and wasn’t sure where I really fit in. Being a quiet child, I upset easily too. I was aware of others’ feelings as not being those of my own. There were energies around me, which were difficult to understand. Staying focused while in school was also difficult. So, as I got older, a natural self-protective shield developed around me. As a result, I learned naturally to block out energies.

Throughout the years that followed I worked the typical teenage jobs, babysitting, drive-ins and roller rinks. When I finished school I worked in retail sales for a couple years. I eventually went to college and took Business Computers. While in college I met my future husband and we were married a year later. For a while we lived and worked in the Toronto area until we had our first child, a daughter. I chose to stay home to care for her. My husband’s work afforded us the opportunity to move around; first to Saskatchewan then Alberta, which is where we had our son. Eventually, family drew us back to Ontario and we settled in Ottawa. Once my kids were in school I returned to work once again. I upgraded my skills to include accounting as well as payroll and eventually I ventured out to be self employed on my own terms. I liked the flexibility of my own schedule.

My interests have always been health, nutrition and fitness (sometimes to the point of being too opinionated about the subject). I truly care about the health of people and I like helping others. It is something I care deeply about and hold close to my heart. I have always been searching for new subjects or skills to learn, from painting t-shirts to sewing, to writing a book and teaching yoga. Actually, I see now that I’ve been on a path of self-discovery for quite a while, as well as having had a constant thirst for learning. I was never one who liked routine as I am someone who likes flexibility. Something was always missing from my life — an emptiness or a “knowing” that there was something more.

I found myself single when my children entered adulthood. Again, a new stage of my life had begun. The first time I practiced yoga and meditation I knew I was truly on the right path. When the opportunity for yoga teacher training presented itself to me, I decided to follow that path and become a yoga instructor. As a result, I certified in hot power and hatha yoga (I emphasize meditation when teaching and practicing hatha yoga). A year later, I took teacher training for certification in senior’s chair yoga and yin yoga. Unfortunately, my teaching was temporarily halted when I fell and hurt my shoulder. I found myself leading more of a sedentary lifestyle while I allowed time for my shoulder to heal. Again, I began searching. I came to realize that tarot reading was of great interest to me. It was fun to learn and I began studying and reading from others online. It was through tarot, as well as regular meditation practice, when I discovered spirit, angels and intuitive self. I found myself opening up and letting down the walls I had built up around me so long ago. My calling then led me to Arthur Findlay College where I learned about mediumship and enrolled in the Biddy Tarot course. Even with that, I still felt a calling to do more. This new search then led me to energy healing. These new discoveries made me feel like now I was finally home. Remote Energetic Alignment Process (REAP), Integrated Energy Therapy (IET)and Therapeutic Touch® had been calling me.