Overindulgence is defined as “the action or fact of having too much of something enjoyable”. We all are aware of that feeling that comes in overindulging whether it be in partying, exercising, eating, drinking or even parenting! Even when we think that we are taking care of ourselves, we can overindulge. Overindulging comes in different forms and can be detrimental to our health. How can we move away from overindulging to self-nurturing?

For starters, overindulging has serious consequences. Something that makes us feel good, that can temporarily fill a void can be harmful to our health. Take for instance consuming too much alcohol. We enjoy sharing a bottle of wine with friends, but when over consumed on a regular basis it can damage our liver, cause weight gain, disrupt sleep, etc. Even an activity that’s innocent such as shopping can create havoc on our money flow and mental being. Think about thrill seekers who push their bodies and to the extreme, resulting in injury or worse, permanent damage.

I mention a few examples, but we all have our own personal stories of how overindulgence has hurt us. Overindulging is the price of our desperate attempt to make ourselves happy (or at least happier than we are). We attempt to fill a void because our daily pursuits don’t make us happy and we end up feeling empty, depressed or deprived. These feelings of discontent are typically what drive us toward unhealthy substances, activities and relationships.

When we overindulge we become irritable and racked with guilt if we don’t get our fix such as exercising. Using exercise as an example, it’s a healthy pursuit, but when done in the extreme it becomes an unhealthy indulgence – an addiction. When exercise becomes an addiction, you feel the high after working out, but your body is stressed and can’t heal properly. It takes more time for your body to come back to its normal state and for you to feel well. In addition, taking exercise to the extreme can hurt your relationship with others. 

I want to focus on chemical indulgences, such as alcohol and drugs. These chemicals have the tendency to make one feel depressed, tired, angry, erratic, etc. by suppressing “feel good hormones”.  When you indulge in these chemicals it takes time to bring your body back to balance. For example, think of how you feel after a night of self-indulgence of drinking or smoking up. This is your body trying to expel what you consumed the night before by getting rid of intake that is not good for you. The more you do this the higher your threshold, but it’s detrimental to your body because it can’t keep up. Your immune system takes a nosedive. In my opinion, alcohol and/or recreational drugs should be used very sparingly or not at all.  

Therefore, we must treat ourselves with more respect, love and compassion. It’s okay to indulge in say a piece of cake on a special occasion or to find a sport or activity that you’re passionate about. Yes, you might not feel like yourself when you skip a workout, but it’s when something is taken to the extreme and your self-worth is attached to the activity or substance, that it becomes damaging to your health. 

When we self-nurture, we take care of ourselves in a loving, respectful and prudent manner. We make wise choices regarding what we consume, how we spend our time and with who. Self-care doesn’t mean that we don’t treat ourselves and enjoy time with others. It’s okay to have a good time, but always be conscious of your actions and the reasons for them. 

Energy healing sessions can help you with putting an end to overindulging and taking care of yourself. Consider making an appointment with me to help you release some of your blockages so you can appreciate the benefits of self-care. We will work at your own pace and comfort level in a private and quiet setting.