What would you think if I told you that the happiness you seek is already within you? That’s right, it is! When we get unstuck in patterns and behaviors, we can truly start to experience happiness that is your birthright. Sadly, we might be ready to act, but don’t know where to start. For starters, learn to discern the flowers from the weeds. Keep reading…

Using the gardening analogy, we need to learn to sow and fertilize seeds that support happiness, peace, and well-being. Begin by digging deep within yourself and ask questions that illuminate every detail of conditioned tendencies that have found a home in you. Identify the roots, stem and leaves. Think of what drives you, your inner reaction and your behavior choices. Also think of triggers that upset and bring you down. Keep an open heart and mind as you question your patterns, behaviors and decisions, but do so without judgement and plenty of curiosity. 

We often tell ourselves stories to stay comfortable; these stories are disguised as lies. We think there’s no “out” or alternate way to behave. Use your imagination, desires and intuition to guide you in life. You can break the chains from the past by trusting in yourself. Trust that you can reach your goals and get out of your comfort zone. Make a list of your strengths and positive traits and remember that you are very capable. Many people sabotage their own progress—consciously or unconsciously—as a result of deep-seated fears and limiting beliefs. Stop telling yourself those lies. 

Recognizing self-doubt is the foundation to breaking negative, limiting patterns. Begin by being cognizant of ways you react to situations and work on re-framing your self-doubt. Pay attention to the language you use when speaking to yourself by replacing “can’t” or “don’t know” with “I can’t do that yet, but I’m working on it,” or “I don’t know now, but I will.” Another way to instill confidence in your abilities is to write down your past successes and keep the notes on hand when you need proof that you can do things that are challenging or new. Focus on decisions that have benefited you and examine what you did to realize success. 

Another aspect of breaking patterns is opening yourself up to the benefits of energy healing therapy. Contact me and we will work at your own pace and comfort level to release blockages to help you break patterns and experience the happiness that is your birthright.