Psychic & Mediumship Readings

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I am honoured to be chosen to read for you. Readings focus on your personal journey through life. I share messages from your spirit guides as well as work with mine during your reading. I connect to your energy to offer important information on your loved ones in spirit, your career, relationships, health, as well as provide guidance for your highest good. 

In person appointments available Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am – 7:00pm

Virtual appointments available Monday to Sunday from 10:00 am – 7:00pm

“Upon arriving at Veronica’s, I immediately felt at home. It was as though I was visiting a friend. She made me feel safe and comfortable. Before commencing my reading, she spoke about what she did and what I really appreciated, is that she was upfront with me from the start. She made sure to clarify that she wasn’t there to tell me what to do, but rather help the universe guide me to make the decisions that were right for me. We delved into my childhood where she opened my eyes to certain events that I had somehow chosen to forget and helped me get past them. I was able to communicate with my mom which was both emotional and consoling. She also touched upon my present situation which was very accurate. In fact she mentioned some things which at the time, I hadn’t noticed, but a couple of weeks later, it came to light!

Thank you Veronica for an incredible experience!”

Liz B.

Veronica provides a safe and comfortable place for energy work. Her gentleness and her ability to guide the energy throughout the session allow me to work on deep spiritual issues while removing blockages. I always feel calm and grounded when the session is finished.
Angie D.

Veronica’s skill as a physic was very polished and her reading was accurate.  The delivery of her message was gentle and filled with compassion.  She read both my concerns and desires.  The session with her was delightful and informative.  I will visit her again.
D.C. of Perth


Veronica will never speak of “curses” or profess to know a “cure” to sell extra services. She will never pressure you into making follow-up appointments. Everything discussed with Veronica will remain 100% confidential unless you threaten to harm yourself or someone else.