WHAT IS REAP?                        

Our bodies have this incredible ability to heal. Our natural state is of wholeness wellness and being in balance with nature. In our everyday life, emotional stresses, traumas, physical ailments, sickness or even old conditioning negative patterns can take its toll on our bodies. This can create energy blockages where the energy flow cannot move freely throughout our bodies. REAP aids in releasing these blocked energies and helps your body to return to a more balanced state of being where the energy can flow and healing can begin.

R – Remote

Healing can be done across distances, all over the globe. It is available to everyone seeking relief.

E – Energetic

Energy healing technique that facilitates the intentional shifting of blocked energy within the body.

A – Alignment

Re-establishment of a better more natural energy flow, balance of mind-body-spirit promotes wholeness and well being.

P – Process

Method protocols allow for a systematic deliberate approach.

REAP specifically works with 11 areas of the body and releases the energy blockages within the body while providing guidance and answers about what is needed to clear, activate and awaken those areas that need attention.  REAP promotes deep, extensive healing.  Beyond healing of physical and emotional states REAP supports a more spiritually aware state of being.

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We live in a society of monetary exchange for services rendered, however in the spirit of giving, love, gratitude, options are always open for those who wish to benefit from the services I offer.  No person will be refused based on their ability to pay. Sliding scale or exchange of service options are always available for you, feel free to ask.