Remote or Distant Healing

In a previous blog post, I wrote about touch therapy as being essential to human communication, bonding and health. While touch is important for human communication and relationships, remote or distant healing can also be beneficial to our wellbeing and an option for those who don’t live near a healer, have limited mobility or are not comfortable with touch.  

Remote healing can work when the healer has a strong, sincere intention to heal and the person receiving the healing is patient to achieve the meditative state required for healing. Therefore, the energy is sent and received by intention. How is it possible to heal through distance? We all function energetically with each of us having several energetic bodies or levels, starting with the physical body. The physical body is made up of meridians and energy centers called chakras. There are seven major chakras (typically access during yoga) and numerous minor chakras found throughout the body, which I access depending during an energy healing session (about 12 – 14). The chakras or energy centers allow us to give and receive energy. During a remote healing, the practitioner tunes into the client’s energy with his/her permission and sends the healing to go where it is most needed. 

Remote energetic alignment process (REAP) is a therapy that I offer. Our bodies have this incredible ability to heal. Our natural state is of wholeness wellness and being in balance with nature. In our everyday life, emotional stresses, traumas, physical ailments, sickness or even old conditioning negative patterns can take its toll on our bodies. This can create energy blockages where the energy flow cannot move freely throughout our bodies. REAP aids in releasing these blocked energies and helps your body to return to a more balanced state of being where the energy can flow and healing can begin.

REAP releases the energy blockages within the body while providing guidance and answers about what is needed to clear, activate and awaken those areas that need attention. REAP promotes deep, extensive healing and beyond healing of physical and emotional states, REAP supports a more spiritually aware state of being.

Remote healing is available to anyone across the globe who is seeking relief. Contact me and we will work at your own pace and comfort level to release blockages to help you fully receive the benefits of remote healing.