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Sound healing

Sound healing is an ancient form of healing using the vibration of sound. The human body is held together by vibration.  The body is a perfect resonator for sound. Muscles are 75% water; the lungs 90% water; blood is approx. 80% water; bones are approx. 25% water.  Sound waves travel 4 x faster in water. This makes the body an excellent receptor and conductor of sound and vibration. 

The tuning forks used are frequencies aligned with ohm. Ohm is considered a source tone.  According to ancient Sanskrit religious texts the syllable mantra and vibration of ohm is said to be the primordial sound of the universe.

The ohm vibration is thought to contain all sound just as white light contains all color.  Ohm is considered sacred and healing. It’s sound vibration and iconic symbol have been represented in spiritual practices and interpreted musically for thousands of years by cultures throughout the world.


 Now using sound healing to enhance the healing session.  Enjoy the new experience. 

Below you will find information on each of the healing modalities I have been trained in and offer.  I typically use a combination of each modality as guided to do during the sessions. I can use as many or as little modalities at your discretion. It is whatever you are comfortable with. Remote Energetic Alignment Process (REAP) is a no touch technique which is great for distant healing especially for those not able to travel or live abroad.

Please send me an email if you have any additional questions.

I work with grids and crystals under the table as well as placing crystals on the client.  It’s connecting and drawing in the energies of the earth gateway and energies from the cosmic gateway.  Each person has their own energy body (Chakras) connecting them to the earth energy up through their body chakras, these are widely know as your base chakra, sacral chakra, solar Plexus, heart chakra, throat chakras, third eye chakra, crown chakra. They are meant to be clear energy points but life can cause them to malfunction, slow down from repressed emotions or they can become overactive because of stress/trauma. This can result in a body becoming ill in various ways, lack of empathy, emptiness, sadness are just a few emotional examples.  The body can also have physical ailments such as, high blood pressure, arthritis, autoimmune illnesses etc to name a few. Crystal healing is an aid by working with the energies of the crystals, supercharging the healing session.


Crystals have their own vibration, I intuitively work with the crystals that will connect to the client and aid in the healing process.


Our bodies have this incredible ability to heal. Our natural state is of wholeness wellness and being in balance with nature. In our everyday life, emotional stresses, traumas, physical ailments, sickness or even old conditioning negative patterns can take its toll on our bodies. This can create energy blockages where the energy flow cannot move freely throughout our bodies. REAP aids in releasing these blocked energies and helps your body to return to a more balanced state of being where the energy can flow and healing can begin.


Healing can be done across distances, all over the globe. It is available to everyone seeking relief.          


Energy healing technique that facilitates the intentional shifting of blocked energy within the body.


Re-establishment of a better more natural energy flow, balance of mind-body-spirit promotes wholeness and well being.    


Method protocols allow for a systematic deliberate approach.

REAP specifically works with 11 areas of the body and releases the energy blockages within the body while providing guidance and answers about what is needed to clear, activate and awaken those areas that need attention.  REAP promotes deep, extensive healing.  Beyond healing of physical and emotional states REAP supports a more spiritually aware state of being.     



Therapeutic Touch® is a holistic,  evidence-based  therapy that incorporates the intentional and compassionate use of universal energy to promote balance and well being.

The intention of a Therapeutic Touch practitioner is to influence a person’s energy flow to rebalance the field of energy and to move it towards wholeness and health.

Any physical illness can be viewed as an imbalance of a person’s energy field. With the help from the Therapeutic Touch practitioner’s hands, that persons’ energy field can be returned to balance. If the energy field can be restored to order, any underlying physical conditions is likely to improve as well.




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