We live in a loud and distracting world with constant chatter, phones pinging and endless sounds. Silence is increasingly difficult to come by. However, the absence of silence may be negatively affecting our health. This post touches on the benefits of spending each day in moments of silence. 

We often avoid silence because we don’t want to be left alone in our own minds. We associate silence with being alone and loneliness. How often do you have the radio on or TV just as background noise? While the background noise provides company, this noise, even if at a low volume, causes the brain to be actively processing noise. Therefore, the brain is constantly working and as a result it doesn’t get a chance to turn off, rest and reset. We can all benefit from a few moments of silence. 

The benefits of silence include: 

  • Improves memory
  • Stimulates brain growth/creates new cells
  • Relieves stress and lowers blood pressure (think of how agitated you become when you’re pinged that a new email has arrived!)
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Fights insomnia
  • Heightens sensitivity
  • And so much more!


There’s no need to go on a retreat to experience the benefits of silence. This experience is available to you – you just need to carve out a bit of time each day to experience the benefits of silence. To start, surround yourself in nature, sit or lie in the comfort of your home or just about anywhere that works and is absent of noise. Enjoying silence can be done anywhere, including taking an extra five minutes in bed before starting your day. All you must do is feel your breath, know that you’re nurturing your body and witness your mind and nervous system slowing down, settling, clearing and getting quiet.

Energy healing sessions can help you with the process of spending time in silence. Consider making an appointment with me to help you release some of your blockages so you can appreciate the benefits of silence. We will work at your own pace and comfort level in a private and quiet setting.