What can a Spiritual Advisor do for you?

A Spiritual Advisor can give you a better understanding about the world and yourself. They help you find the answers to many questions like: Why am I here? Why do I keep struggling? Where do we come from? and What is my purpose? to name a few. Having an experienced Advisor guiding you can help reduce the struggle and time it takes you to find your answers so that you can begin to live your life to the fullest.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality can be confusing for many of us. A well known misconception of spirituality is based on a religion. In fact it is not based on a religion at all. It is a belief system, a knowing of who we are and where we come from. We have a soul spirit which is conscious energy of divine love. Every person and animal are souls having life experience in a physical body. Even plants and nature has its own divine energy. Life is so much bigger than a physical body. Energy is everywhere, Energy affects us, Energy can work for us when led with divine love. What you put out energetically gets returned to you. Let it be love.

Life can be difficult and confusing. Without the connection to our soul life it is even harder. We can feel empty inside, a sense of something missing, unfulfilled. So many of us today have not been taught to be aware of our soul energy side. We are part of a universal energy source, a creator/god if you will. We are born connected, how long we stay connected depends on our environment as a child. As we age too many of us bury that side of ourselves, without realizing our full potential. To survive this world the ego takes over and for some of us it controls ourlives. This is very sad indeed. We are taught to look outside for the answers we seek.

The very opposite is true, we need to look inward to find the answers we seek for fulfillment, joy, happiness, kindness, Love. To feel connected.I was that person. Life as a child taught me to be scared, survive as best I can. Any spiritual side of who I was disappeared. I was a psychic child, misunderstood, mistreated because of it, exploited. Many years of feeling unfulfilled, numb and empty inside, on a constant search externally for acceptance and love. I began a journey inward, my very own spiritual journey. I did it alone but you don’t have to. I’m here for you and your child.

“I’ve been there, let me be there for you.” 

I offer services as a spiritual advisor to families, non-religion based, perhaps you have a child who is sensitive, intuitive, aware. Perhaps you need some advice and guidance for yourself. No question is off limits, I’m here to support and advise as best I can.

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In person, by phone or zoom options available.

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