“I have had many sessions at Lite Within, mainly the IET and therapeutic touch combo. I have struggled with mental health issues for a while and found that after a few sessions my mind was more clear and felt less dense. When you are being treated you really feel the energy flowing through you and I even had one time where I had very intense sensations on my face as the problem area was cleared up. After the sessions Veronica would provide a detailed analysis of the blockages or tough areas at different points of the body. I primarily had mental and spiritual blockages, and by the end the tough areas were cleared up. I would recommend this to any one who is looking for energy healing because I found the sessions to be very beneficial to my mental health and put me in an overall better mood. ” Matthew J.



” I have had two sessions with Veronica.  They were very positive, stress-free and most noticeable, very relaxing”. Susan Mc.


“As someone who suffers from post-shingles chronic pain, I am always looking for ways to help me feel better. I enjoy Veronica’s sessions and like the exchange of energies I experience. Not only do I feel better after each session, but I am also much more centered and relaxed. Veronica has a unique touch. That, combined with her professional approach to assist me in mitigating my discomfort, will keep me coming back for more.”  D. McFee