What is Healing or Energy Healing?

What is Energy Healing and what does it mean to be a Healer?


There is a lot of talk on social media about the buzz of Energy Therapy and Energy Healing.  There are many different forms of Energy Healing. Some modalities you may of heard of and some are less known but equally effective. Some examples of these are: Reiki, IET, Therapeutic Touch, and REAP to name a few but there are many others.


A recent post I read made me realize that the overall general public doesn’t understand what Energy Healing is and how it works.  It doesn’t matter what modality is used in most cases as they run on the same principle. When you begin your learning about healing, it is best to seek help from a person or persons that you are drawn to.


Firstly, I want to let you know that we are all Energy Beings. Our body has energy centres throughout. I call them Chakras. The main 8 Chakras start at the base of our spine and end above our crown chakra at the edge of our auric field.  There are other smaller energy systems throughout our body in our, legs, arms, torso, head etc. The Heart Chakra is considered the core of our being, where our soul spirit resides. The heart/soul when open is connected to the Divine Energy, our creator, spirit guides, Angels, etc.


It takes a higher vibration for connection, the higher the vibration the better the connection, and the more divine energy we receive.  Healers are the conduit for receiving the divine energy, therefore we need to be free of emotional blockages so the divine energy has a clear flow to give to the recipient via the modality of their choosing.  I should mention that during a healing session, we can also receive personal information regarding the client’s health, emotional and life experiences but it varies for everyone. Some people are natural Healers but it can be draining for them when they use their own healing energy.  


We all have the potential to heal ourselves and others.  Before you set out to learn how to heal others, you must begin your own healing journey by first healing the past and ridding the body of emotional blockages. Then you can learn how to open all Chakra/energy centres of the body, connect to soul heart and connect to divine spirits.  Meditation also helps with the process, quiets the mind, helps to open the channels to receive.


If you are a beginner and want to start your healing journey in order to be able to offer healing to others, please feel free to connect with me for guidance. I offer a variety of courses that will lead you step by step on your own healing journey. Alternatively, I can also use the REAP modality to help you heal and get rid of any blockages you may have. Call me and let’s get started on your journey today!