In layman’s terms, what is yoga? It’s the linking of breath with movement. The beauty of the poses and the flow of breath is inspiring and healing. What many yogis find is that yoga stretches us beyond our expectations. It’s not unusual for yoga practitioners – whether they practice once a week or daily – to experience an outpouring of tears and emotional release. This experience is proof that the physical practice of yoga (also known as asanas) has a deep, subtle layer and that tapping the energy stored there may be the key to real healing.

I believe that energy healing helps you connect to your body and your true Self in a more profound way. Yogis are one step ahead compared to the average person when it comes to putting themselves in a deeply relaxed state, therefore, are more open to energy healing. This relaxed state allows the person to receive more benefits from healing energy therapy. The mind-body-spirit connection demonstrates that your system is a balancing act and unprocessed emotional trauma can disrupt your energy flow, causing physical illness or injury. 

While there are physical benefits to yoga, such as improving flexibility and muscle strength. Mentally, yoga helps you focus, releases stress, reduces anxiety and calms your thoughts. Yoga has also been linked to higher self-esteem, greater inner strength and power, deeper awareness and more peace.

So you take the postures of yoga to revitalize your nervous system, your circulation and your flow of breath, therefore, positively affecting your personal energy field. The asanas and breathing are done together in a specific way to soothe and link your body and mind, clear and balance your chakras and bring you in touch with your true Self.

It’s no surprise that yoga makes a great complement to energy therapy because it is just about stretching your mind and body, but about really connecting to yourself on a deep spiritual level and increasing the flow of energy within you. Yoga and energy healing both strive for harmony and balance, clarity of thought and intention, and a deeper understanding of your higher Self by gently loosening blocked energy so it can gently release the past.

Contact me if you are interested in the benefits of energy healing therapy with the addition of yoga. We will work at your own pace and comfort level to release blockages and provide you with tips on how to incorporate a helpful and soothing yoga practice into your daily life.